TinyJerry Bot Commands

-- [arg] denotes needed argument, *[arg] denotes optional argument --

Image Commands

These commands modify an image - the command will default to the last posted image unless an image is attached, replied to, or linked.

$magic / $magikApplies content-aware scaling to an image
$resize [mult/*width] *[height] *[smooth]Resizes an image by multiplier (eg. 0.5 = half size).
One arg = preserve ratio, 2 args = height and width, type any word at the end to enable smoothing
$jpeh [*quality]Applies JPEG compression to image. Optional quality arg between 2 and 50, defaults to 15
$resizep [width] *[height] *[smooth]Same as $resize, but values are exact pixels rather than a multiplier
$crop [X1] [X2] [Y1] [Y2]Percentage-based crop. Args: X-start, X-end, Y-start, Y-end.
$upscale [multiplier]Applies AI-based upscaling to an image. If it detects a face, tries to enhance it (usually badly)
$motion *[angle]Applies motion blur. Optional angle argument (defaults to -45)
$haah / $hooh / $waaw / $woowMirrors an image. "h" = horizontal, "w" = vertical, "a" = left/top, "o" = right/bottom
$bwConverts an image to grayscale
$avatar *[@user]Posts a user's avatar as a full image (defaults to you, or you can @ someone or reply to them to get their avatar)
$meme / $meem [text]Adds top/bottom meme text to an image (top/bottom separated by "|")
$face *[number]Crops a face from an image (optional number argument if multiple faces are present)
$robotPuts an image into a Fallout securitron (works great when paired with $face)
$spread *[strength]Spreads the pixels in an image (shakes the pixels like sand) - optional "strength" number argument
$ditherAdds retro-style pixel dithering to an image (no scaling)
$implode [strength]Sucks the image into the center by supplied strength (number argument). Can be "exploded" with negative numbers
$bit [number] *[size] *[dither-off]Reduces image color bits to specified number. OPTIONAL resize (defaults to 240px if not provided) and dithering toggle
Example: "$bit 2 480 no" (resize to 480px, disable dithering)
$posterize [bits]Posterizes an image, with specified bit-restriction as number argument (defaults to 3)
$smileApplies a very unstable and unpredictable AI smile filter.
Clogs up the whole bot as it works, very inconvenient!
(If it says something about "variable shape", it means it didn't see a face.)
$wdtAdds a "who did this" meme border around the image.
$brbApplies the Eric Andre "We'll be right back" effect (text + posterization)
$hollywoodAdds the Matt Watson "That's Hollywood" effect (text + posterization + pointing Matt)
$dreamApplies deepdream filter to the image (API-based)
$toonApplies a really bad "toon" filter to a face (API-based)
$pokeGenerates a random pokémon mashup from the original 151 pokémon (API-based)

Image Templates

These commands apply a template to an image - the command will default to the last posted image unless an image is attached, replied to, or linked.

Overlay Templates (pastes a template on top of the image):
Fill Templates (pre-sized templates that are filled by the source image):
Perspective Templates (puts the image inside of a template, warping its perspective to match):

AI Commands

These commands call various AI-based API commands to generate content

Text to Speech:
$tiktok [text]Classic TikTok woman voice
$c3po [text]C3PO Voice
$squidward [text]A really good squidward voice!
$tts [voice] [text]Use one of the listed voices as first argument
(e.g. "$tts en_us_stitch hello I am stitch"):

Image Generation:
$dalle [prompt]Generate an image using OpenAI's Dalle API
$stable [prompt]
$stable2 [prompt]
$stable3 [prompt]
Generate an image using Stable Diffusion API
(Higher number command = longer processing time)
$unstable [prompt]Generate an image using Stable Diffusion with very low guidance, usually resulting in messy collages
$the [prompt]Generates something into the hand of Barnacle Boy, complete with "THE [X]" meme text
$fill [prompt]Needs a 512x512 image, either attached directly in the message, or replying to another message with one attached.
Fills the transparent section of an image with AI-generation (binary transparency works best)
$pokemon [prompt]Generate a Pokémon based on prompt
Text Generation:
$ada [prompt]
$curie [prompt]
$davinci [prompt]
Generate text from a supplied prompt. Ada being the simplest AI, Davinci being the smartest.
Both Ada and Curie work best with completion-based prompts (e.g. "Here is a list of...")
Davinci works best with ask-based prompts (e.g. "Write a list of...")

Misc Commands

These commands do various things.

$img [search term]Provides first 10 Google image results (use arrow emojis to scroll)
$personPosts an image of a random AI-generated person from thispersondoesnotexist.com (API-based)
$catPosts an image of a random AI-generated cat from thiscatdoesnotexist.com (API-based)
Posts the named image
($fortnite also @'s the lmk-fortnite role)
Posts the named audio/image combo
Bot-related commands:
$myname [name]Set what the bot will call you when it refers to you by name
Forbid or unforbid a term from being shamed
$addguildNeeds to be used before certain commands will work in a server
(Basically opts-in to basic server info being saved by the bot, e.g. names, forbidden words, cached $img results)
Misc fun commands:
$nobout [name]The very first TinyJerry command!
50/50 chance that the listed person has their nob out
$judgeA random Judge Rinder reaction
$define [word]Get the dictionary definition of a word
$fancy [text]
$smallcaps [text]
Return your text in a different font
($smallcaps may look incomprehensible on mobile)
$marvin [Firstname] [Lastname] [Everything else][Firstname], it's your cousin Marvin [Lastname]. You know that new [everything else] you've been looking for...? (text + image)
$carbon *[category]Gets current UK carbon readings for half-hour period.
No arg: Forecast vs Actual for whole UK
"fuel" arg: split by fuel type
"regions" arg: split by region